July 30, 2012


I think excuses are central to our culture and to conquering fear, growing in personal maturity and developing valuable relationships. The first and simplest are that we don't have the time or money for something.  I was recently faced with a decision to invest in an activity I love, and I have the time and money for it, but how much do I want to? What is my vision for it? How will I grow if I do this?
The fear that we might fail is easy to admit, even if just to ourselves. But even more than that it's trying something new -- or something old that seems way more difficult now -- and will this be a new love? And ultimately will I love it more than the difficulty of it is like a wall in front of me? Will it be a good challenge, especially when the decision is only mine and doesn't involve other people?
I can already see ways I have been challenged, and that there is a deep value for discipline even when it isn't interpersonal.  I guess I will see where it goes, and it will be my adventure, and I will remember my best ways of learning, and the process as I try to improve. For my own good, and no one else is watching, except my instructor.

The vision has to materialize... and be worth the pain.

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