July 22, 2012

July thoughts

The last few weeks have felt like a mess of things, after processing yet another friend's death. Thinking about goals, going back to old hobbies, vision, travel plans; reading about discernment, introversion, more Jeannette Walls (both her books are excellent).

Some conclusions in the midst of these:
Sometimes decisions just come down to fear.
I'm often ready sooner than I think, and if I don't think about it and just do it I will get to the next level (of anything).
I have a few things I think I'm ready for that the doors are just not open yet. Not sure how to proceed with that.
I never have a right to be angry or assume, only to listen, be willing and set my own expectations- not based on the past or other people, or what they think. Small things, but necessary reminders.

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