December 16, 2012

Knowing truth

What is the cause of surrender? or of true desperation?

I think surrender has to be preceded by revelation. We can't just say we feel like surrendering now, that is is a good idea or I really can't be in control of my own life. There has to be a heart impact of truth that makes a complete shift, for a removal of all mindsets and ideas that we construct to move forward with life. Only then can we truly surrender, to the God who creates, and we would have a lot of freedom and feel lighter in the process.

Is desperation caused by just being frustrated with circumstances? A hunger for more? Knowing our identity in Christ? Maybe even unanswered questions. maybe desperation is just wanting to find out how desired I am by the One who desires me above all other people.

"we will never be satisfied until we satisfy Him, and we will never find what we are looking for until we find what He is looking for. Our purpose is completely defined in His."- Misty Edwards

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