January 31, 2013

Psalm 45:11

He is captivated, taken hold at all points, as if forming a new constellation. Clinging to the memory of beauty in weakness, daily watching a hungry heart giving all in the quest to end unbelief.
Endless silence filled with coded conversation grows a root of honor, where each dim corner of the heart is seen by the King. He holds your fearful heart and fills it with wisdom and power in the waiting hours of night.
You try to let go,  but you rebuild the sandcastle of last summer, to contrive a counterfeit beauty  in black and white, yet tainted with cynicism and specks of envy.
You try to form the bond that is already stronger than love, fiercer than fire;
Know this: to honor is to trust; to trust the fraction of unseen reality is not a glimpse but a promise of the kingdom you are already in, where I see you now, drawn out of deep waters, fully satisfying the hunger clouding over today and tomorrow.

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