February 10, 2013

Romans 12:10

Honor one another in action, and even deeper in attitude.
Above myself,
above my needs or cares,
above my little thoughts which should obey and be silent.

Where is honor today?
Thrown behind some curtain as if to be tidied later
or collecting dust in a corner
Someday soon no one will know how to use it anymore

Who is honor following?
Maybe it is a contagious affirmation
given freely as I enter the room.
Has honor faded from families and marriages in exchange for bitterness and disrespect?

Be devoted to one another:
Remove the space between your hearts to know their needs.
Let the color be transparent and honest
In the midst of what I don't understand.

How to find a home for these virtues?
This day let honor and devotion grow together in good soil.
A tree above myself
reaching for selfless perspective.

What needs focus, needs release into the atmosphere, are these choices.
They are choices today of life or death, of sun or darkness
coming from the heart alone.


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