March 08, 2013

Virtue part 4

Truth looks like
Black and white piano keys
Black and red letters on the page
Day and night far away from dawn
And the love in a friend's eyes

Truth has stumbled in the streets
Shoved aside by reinvented life
And crossed out of our TV shows and movies.
It was kicked out of the house down the street
Exchanged for a lie on sale when they went to the store

Truth is the illusion of society
Yet holds hands with trust
The hungry seek it out
Searching for refreshment for the soul to drink of

Truth looks for a new home
Without mixture, without compromise
Not caught in a waiting game
Or left floating out to sea alone

Tell me the truth even if it hurts:
When the counterfeit makes me sick,
Bring me what's real
Because love was never meant
To be friends with disappointment
And truth hides behind today
Waiting to be sought out anew.

- Isaiah 59:14
-written March 6 2013

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