March 23, 2013

Patterns within the Hurricane

While the storm rages on the inside
Crossing the battle line of self, of failure, of fear
Peace floats with the current
In the eye of the storm:
It is a basketful of questions carrying a flurry of striving downstream
After understanding surrenders,
A reluctant giving up

Peace speaks be still inside the circumstance
And it echoes like a heartbeat
When the wind stops its tantrum
When fear lets go of patching the mistakes

A presence of peace
Contagious with rest, sweet rest,
Erasing the lost time, the words left unsaid.
Peace desires to come into each day:
So evasive, yet ever present,
So rare, yet circumstance often overwhelms it.
Slow to speak, slow to leave the stillness,
Where love fills up the thirsty places anew.

Mark 4:39

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