June 19, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why people believe that truth is all equal, why it is just semantics to explain the principles of life in different ways. As though the peace of Buddhism and Jesus are the same thing. Why do I believe Jesus has the preeminence? Why do I believe that God is majestic and wise above all people and things? is it just because the bible has great words and ideas, while also holding tragedy and sin that seems unexplainable? What truly ascribes greatness? I guess it goes back to the question my pastor asked a while ago when we were consistently meeting mornings and evenings for prayer. Why are you here? Not on the earth, and not for a purpose of serving God only. but deeper than that... What really makes Jesus call us to surrender of all, why does he have the preeminence in my life? Why do I take that risk of using my time and changing my interests and goals for this God and only this one?
I want to have my own reasons for it clear... so that I might trust his leadership at all times, for all days. how can I explain to people that I believe this, fully, and not just a trite statement of choosing something for fun?
It will truly change the understanding of love and its expression when we know, a deep knowing, of why.

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