April 08, 2012

A world without love.

I'm reading a fiction book right now in which the USA has closed its borders and has "cured" all its people of the disease called love. It is quite an interesting concept... and the children/young adults in the book have no idea what its like to have anyone love or touch them, and there is a fear of becoming like those who break rules or show symptoms of the disease. As soon as they find out what love consists of by breaking rules, or the cure doesn't work on them, they discover what it's like- and it is far more addictive, life altering and deeper than they ever imagined, and the consequences are serious.
It is a creative concept-- to imagine what a world without love is like. The love that is in the world now is broken, tainted, ill defined and a poor excuse for what love is meant to be: the love of the God who created us whether we acknowledge it or not. However this poem refers to a real person.

I wait in disappointment holding what I've always known
I wait for you, as though I've always known why
To diffuse the threats of what I don't understand
To remind me that I need you, but I can't reach enough.

The solution is too simple, bordering on trite words
Poised to reduce me to a strength, an iron will I can't build
Time pours through my hands like water
To be redefined into what I never imagined was mine.

(one line borrowed from the book Delirium, by Lauren Oliver)

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