May 07, 2012

steps forward

"Noise and activity are the refuges of the bereaved and the guilty."

I have a lot stirring in my heart lately, from failures, dreams, and places I've gone to in books or in planes.  Not sure how to comment on all of it. There is certainly an emptiness when I come home, wondering how to apply things to my life going forward, feeling like I am in some altered reality. Part of that is from reading dystopian fiction, what a fascinating world, or worlds, they hold. I read these and think, I wish I could write like that, create such a world that fascinates and holds so much potential and strategy. No idea where to begin. I want to write again. I want to walk out all the prophetic words I was given before my trip, to internalize them. I want to be understood more, but maybe with some of what I am pursuing the value of  I will be understood less. 

"This peace between us comes from not talking about things.. but I do not date to disturb it with the truth, because I'm too busy clinging to it for support."

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